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New Products

AA 100 Q HI+

Hoogwaardig raam- en deursysteem met oog op de toekomst.

New A-line handles

Not only architects, but also end-users like to see a uniform handle on their windows, doors and sliders. Especially when the products are adjacent to each other. With our new A-line handles we meet this requirement.

RT 72 HI⁺ Aluminium Ramen en Aluminium Deuren

Hoogwaardig raam- en deursysteem met oog op de toekomst.

A-line hinges

Our product range has been extended with this improved door hinge. The width of the barrel has been decreased, and tollerance adjustments can be done without changing the external aesthetics of the hinge. At the same time the maximal vent weight is 200 kg.  

RT 72 Reflex

This Kawneer insulated aluminium window and aluminium door system is appropriate for residential buildings, commercial buildings and renovations because of its multiple possibilities, proven quality and excellent performance. We offer a solution for every project.

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