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AA 100 Q HI+

Hoogwaardig raam- en deursysteem met oog op de toekomst.

AA 100 Q Aluminium Curtain Walls

The Aluminium curtain walls of Kawneer can be designed in many ways. With or without the extensive varieties in cover caps, we offer you unlimited combination possibilities within your design. The modularly constructed aluminium curtain wall system AA 100 Q is very suitable for constructing thermally insulated, burglary resistant and/or fire resistant facades.

AA 9562 Aluminium façade

High degree of freedom in design, prefabrication, high product quality, scaffold-free assembly, "just-in-time” delivery and minimal storage on-site. These are just a few of the advantages the aluminum façades of Kawneer have to offer.

AA 100 Q Twist
Curtain Wall AA 100 Q Twist

Unique facade system for freely arched facades. The AA 100 Q Twist is based on the facade system AA 100 Q developed by Kawneer for constructing straight, slanted and segmented facades.

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