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Statue of Liberty - Historic Window Replacement Project

New York, New York

Traco proudly participated in the $30 million restoration of the Statue of Liberty.Traco was commissioned to manufacture and replace the 25 miniature windows that sparkle from Liberty's crown high above the New York Harbor.
Out of the many others who vied for the work, Traco was commissioned by formal contract to carry out this window restoration project. The largest part of the costs involved represented Traco's voluntary contribution to Lady Liberty's torch-to-toe restoration.
The restoration of the Statue of Liberty was historic preservation in its truest sense - a project which was watched around the world. If it had been just a production order for 25 windows, the project would have appeared to be a rather routine job. But as a custom project, this represented one of the most difficult and complex Traco had ever handled. "Of the many challenges Traco Team Members have faced and conquered in the past, this project, small as it was in size, proved to be one of our biggest challenges.
Handcrafted in France more than 100 years ago by that era's most expert artisans of metalworking, Lady Liberty's new windows were reproduced by hand, to match the original design and also improved with advanced technology.
A template of every window was taken because each of the 25 units varied in size, angle, and curvature. Sizes ranged from as small as 7.5" wide by 12.5" high, to 14.5" by 31". Because it was impractical to extrude the frame, jamb and sash members in bronze, all metal sections were cut by hand from flat bronze sheet, using hand cut templates. The windows were then curved, bent, formed, and brazed with silver solder. The windows were assembled with stainless steel operation hardware, and hand polished to achieve a beautiful satiny finish. Each window was also fitted with Traco's View-Safe® tempered safety glass. There was a significant number of variables to contend with. — the most important was attention to detail to satisfy the requirements of the project architects, the Statue of Liberty Restoration Foundation, and Traco's own high standards for quality workmanship.

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