Window: Traditional 1420 KARAIBES

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Villa Grummel Villa Moisy Villa Grummel Traditional 1420 KARAIBES
Villa Grummel
Villa Grummel
Villa Moisy
Villa Moisy
Villa Grummel
Villa Grummel
Traditional 1420 KARAIBES
Traditional 1420 KARAIBES

Product Specifications

The 1420 KARAIBES window is a window with traditional casement insulation whose base frame, compatible with the base frames in other traditional series, enables the entire ensemble to be worked on as a composite unit.
  • Residential
  • Non-residential
  • New
  • Refurbishing
Frame types:
1420 Frame Types

The series is designed in harmony with all the products in the Kawneer range, providing total compatibility for creating projects that integrate various types of opening.
Rounded design.
Option to create major ensembles
Ergonomic handle.
Meticulous finishing.
It is possible to build major ensembles that integrate 1424 Kamélia doors.
The windows are designed to accommodate padding up to 31 mm, facilitating the integration of double glazing with small pieces of wood built in.

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