AA 611 Smoke resistant

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Product Specifications

AA 611 is produced industrially from high quality aluminium alloys in line with EN AW 6060 T 66.  The surfaces can be finished in Eloxal or colour coating.
AA 611 is set up as a 1-chamber system.
Leaf profile
External view (mm)                       73 and 98
Substructure profile depth (mm)     67
Frame profile
External view (mm)                       69
Substructure profile depth (mm)     67
Rail/abutment profile
External view (mm)                       94 and 150
Substructure profile depth (mm)     67
Socket profile
External view (mm)                       150
Substructure profile depth (mm)     67
Construction sizes
Single-leaf, max. 1608 x 2562 mm
Double-leaf, max. 3113 x 2562 mm

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