AA 2010

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AA 2010 Solar System AA 2010 Solar System
AA 2010 Solar System
AA 2010 Solar System
AA 2010 Solar System
AA 2010 Solar System
"Sun City" in Alkmaar, NL; 50.000 sqm Photovoltaic-Model

Product Specifications

The cells in the photovoltaic modules KC167G-2 and KC125G-2 are almost black in appearance.  They are polycrystalline cells which achieve an efficiency of up to 15% thanks to their surface texture.
The textured finish of the cells is created by means of a reactive iron etching process which produces an irregular microstructure of cones on the surface of the cell. This process is very effective as the structure is formed irrespective of the orientation of the various polycrystals constituting the cell. Consequently, more of the light falling on all parts of the surface of the cell is absorbed and converted into electricity. Module KC125G-2 contains 36 latest generation cells and produces 125 W (-5%/+10% tolerance).
Module KC167G-2 produces 167 W (-5%/+10% tolerance). The reinforced black anodised aluminium frame of both modules is colour matched to the cells. The modules are supplied complete with ready made up cables as standard (multi pin connector plug/socket) and are TÜV certified.
KC series solar modules are guaranteed for the legally required two years and are, additionally, guaranteed to perform at not less than 90% for 12 years and 80% for 25 years.
The performance stated is the maximum performance achieved under standard test conditions.

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