1600 PowerShade® — More Information

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1600 PowerShade®

Single Source Responsibility and Dual Position Optimization

PowerShade can be integrated cleanly into Kawneer’s 1600 Wall System®1, and is based on the innovative and successful curtain wall platform.

A first non-articulating pivot point joins the two components of the strut assembly, enabling a wide range of extension from the façade – from 33 to 47 inches. In view of the 25° latitude differential in the United States, PowerShade is capable of shading an extremely wide range of commercial window conditions.

A second non-articulating pivot point is located at the connection of the PV louver blade and the strut arm. This pivot point allows the PV panels to be optimally positioned to maximize the generation of energy from the sun – 75 watts per bay at peak performance.

Energy Savings

1600 PowerShade® reduces solar heat gain on the glazing thus lowering building cooling costs. The International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) considers this a benefit of exterior shading devices. The projection factor (PF), a function of the horizontal projection and height of the window, takes into account the shading effect thereby reducing the dependence on the glass coatings alone to manage the solar heat gain.

Easy Installation and Maintenance

1600 PowerShade® requires little maintenance since there are no moving parts and little to break down. While it is unlikely that the glass PV laminate will require replacement, the intelligent design nonetheless allows for easy replacement without having to disassemble the sunshade or remove it from the building.


The clean lines of 1600 PowerShade® complement the curtain wall aesthetics and contemporary architectural applications. Laminates with crystalline PV cells are structurally glazed into the aluminum louvers or blades. The finish is high performance and designed to endure for the life of the building. Classic, yet not domineering, 1600 PowerShade® makes a statement about the building, owner and architect. Architects and owners can realize their green goals in a simple, direct visual presentation for all to see. A simple sunshade helps convey interest in conservation but 1600 PowerShade® goes further and demonstrates a commitment to innovation by also providing clean energy — for today and the future.

For the Finishing Touch

Permanodic® Anodized finishes are available in Class I and Class II in seven different colors.

Painted Finishes, including fluoropolymer that meet or exceed AAMA 2605, are offered in many standard choices and an unlimited number of specially-designed colors.

Solvent-free powder coatings add the “green” element with high performance, durability and scratch resistance that meet the standards of AAMA 2604.