1600UT (Ultra Thermal) Curtain Wall System™
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Setting the Standard in Thermal Innovation

For the utmost in energy efficiency, Kawneer’s 1600UT Curtain Wall System™ features an engineered polymer thermal separator and accommodates either double or triple insulating glass. Additionally, an optional fiberglass pressure plate can further enhance condensation resistance and thermal performance. 1600UT Curtain Wall System™ integrates seamlessly with other high thermal performing windows and doors from Kawneer to create a complete, advanced, thermally efficient solution for commercial buildings. The system is tested in accordance with North American performance standards, including seismic, thermal cycling and dynamic water.


Kawneer’s 1600UT Curtain Wall System™ is designed to proactively address code requirements, including the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), ASHRAE/IESNA 90.1, 189.1 and state codes. Both 1600UT Curtain Wall Systems™ are capable of beating these code requirements with double- and triple-glazed configurations.

Each infill option offers two levels of performance ranges. These depend on pressure plate choice (aluminum or fiberglass) and system type. The fiberglass pressure plate option not only enhances thermal performance, but also improves condensation resistance.

The 1600UT Curtain Wall System™ has been rigorously tested against the following performance standards.


Kawneer solutions are widely respected for their ability to deliver optimum energy performance without compromising aesthetics. The innovative 1600UT Curtain Wall System™ is no exception. Kawneer designed the system to integrate many of the aesthetic and functional options found in the industry benchmark Kawneer 1600 Wall Systems®.

Among the aesthetic benefits of the versatile 1600UT Curtain Wall System™ is a unique design for the glass setting block chair, which allows for larger glass lites than other triple-glazed, high-performing curtain wall systems. Along with expansive glass sizes, the 1600UT System™2 offers a two-sided vertical SSG mullion solution that permits greater uninterrupted sightlines while providing enhanced thermal performance. To create flush and unbroken sightlines, both systems use concealed fasteners in their joinery construction.

Fabrication and Installation

The 1600UT Curtain Wall System™ minimizes installation time and effort in a number of ways:

  • Installers can leverage their existing knowledge of Kawneer’s time-tested 1600 Wall System®1 and System®2 fabrication and installation methods.
  • Straight cuts without notching simplify fabrication.
  • A pre-engineered rain screen back pan option is available that uses easy-to-install spandrel adapters.

For the Finishing Touch

Architectural Class I anodized aluminum finishes are available in clear and color choices. Painted finishes, including fluoropolymer, that meet AAMA 2605 standards and solvent-free powder coatings that meet AAMA 2604 standards are available in a variety of color choices.