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AA®3200 ISOWEB® Sliding Door

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AA®3200 ISOWEB® Sliding Door


High-velocity winds, torrential rains, blizzards and hurricanes are just a few of the challenging weather elements that architects and building owners face. Kawneer’s AA®3200 ISOWEB® Sliding Door, designed to meet thermal, coastal and hurricane resistant conditions, helps meet these challenges. Available in both High Performance (HP) and Hurricane Resistant (IR) versions, AA®3200 ISOWEB® Sliding Door complements Kawneer’s portfolio of thermal solutions and products for the entire building.

Kawneer’s high-performance ISOWEB® thermal break allows this slider to meet current energy codes and provides capabilities for a dual finished product. In addition to thermal performance, AA®3200 ISOWEB® Sliding Door has been tested for both large and small missile impact on panels up to 10' tall. For enhanced STC and OITC (sound resistance) performance, the slider accommodates 1-5/16" (33.3) insulated/ laminated glass, and it accommodates 1" (25.4) insulated glass for improved thermal performance.

A larger wheel, stainless steel tandem roller with precision ground sealed bearings, provides smooth operation on even the largest and heaviest sliding panels. Additionally, the sealed bearings offer maximum protection against coastal elements such as wind-blown sand and salt water. Other features include corrosion-resistant stainless steel locks and fasteners. To keep insects at bay, interior insect screens are available.

AA®3200 ISOWEB® Sliding Door has been rigorously tested to meet North American performance standards, including air, water, structural, acoustic, condensation, thermal and large and small missile impact. (View)

Fabrication and Installation

Fixed lites, sliding panels and sub-sash panels of the AA®3200 ISOWEB® Sliding Door all incorporate removable stops with interior and exterior gaskets in lieu of marine glazing. Removable stops ensure re-glazing is as easy as the initial glazing process and no panel disassembly is required for glass replacement. Variable glass stops accommodate industry standard 1" (25.4) insulated glass as well as 1-5/16" (33.3) insulated/ laminated glass. Coped, screw spline corner joinery keeps fabrication and assembly simple. The sliding panel and sub-sash fixed panel can be pre-glazed; the common glass size makes glazing and installation quicker. With many fabrication and installation advantages as well as high-performance features, the AA®3200 ISOWEB® Sliding Door can be tailored to meet a variety of project requirements.


AA®3200 ISOWEB® Sliding Door can span slab-to-slab up to 10' tall, which offers occupants clear unobstructed views. Various mullion and reinforcement options provide additional performance and design flexibility. Two distinct looks can be achieved with the AA®3200 ISOWEB® Sliding Door: a sub-sash option offers equal sightlines across the opening, while the direct field glazing option offers the more traditional sliding door look. The 2-1/4" (57.2) standard sill (up to 4-1/2" (114.3) sill on some competitor’s products), with 15 psf water performance, provides an aesthetically pleasing smaller sightline at the interior to exterior transition.

Standard configurations consist of OX, XO, OXO and OXXO openings, while a common mullion allows for additional fixed panels to be stacked (OOXO), achieving even greater expanses of glass. The unique beveled profiles create architectural shadow lines, which allow a commercial product to receive mid- to high-rise residential acceptance.

AA®3200 ISOWEB® Sliding Door’s stylish design and performance offer a practical product solution for use on condominiums, hotels and apartments.

For the Finishing Touch

Permanodic® Anodized finishes are available in Class I and Class II in seven different color choices.

Painted finishes, including fluoropolymer, that meet AAMA 2605 are offered in many standard choices and an unlimited number of specially designed colors.

Solvent-free powder coatings add the green element with high performance, durability and scratch resistance that meet the standards of AAMA 2604.