AA®3350 ISOPORT™ Window

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AA®3350 ISOPORT™ Window

close AA®3200 ISOWEB® Sliding Door

AA®3350 ISOPORT™ Window


The AA®3350 ISOPORT™ Window is designed to meet all current energy codes. The unique shape of the polyamide thermal break enhances the performance of the window by maintaining the continuity of the thermal break throughout the window frame and sash. Adding to the energy efficiency of this window is 1" insulating glass, which provides high thermal performance and enhances STC and OITC (sound resistance) performance.

The AA®3350 ISOPORT™ Window has been tested to meet or exceed the minimum requirements for U.S. and Canada performance standards in accordance with AAMA / WDMA / CSA / 101 / I.S.2 / A440-08 (NAFS-08). Additionally, multiple sill heights are available to meet both 10 lb. (CW) and 15 lb. (AW) psf water performance requirements.

Product Performance Data:

Class and Grade      
U.S. (NAFS) CW-PG50-H or
CW-PG50-H or
CW-PG50-HS or
Canada (CSA A440) A2 / B4 / C3 or
A2 / B7 / C3
A2 / B4 / C3 or
A2 / B7 / C3
A2 / B5 / C3 or
A2 / B7 / C3
Thermal Transmittance
AAMA 507 / NFRC 100
"U" factor
.34 to .47
"U" factor
.36 to .48
“U” factor
.37 to .54
Condensation Resistance* CRF frame - 57 CRF frame - 57 CRF frame - 66
AAMA 1503 (CRF)

CRF glass - 60

CRF glass - 60

CRF glass - 66

Condensation Temp. Index
I frame - 39 I frame - 33 I frame - 45
CSA A440.2 (I) I glass - 58 I glass - 58 I glass - 62
Sound Transmission** STC — 36
OITC — 30
STC — 34
OITC — 29
STC — 37
OITC — 29
* CRF and I values based on Low-E insulating glass with warm edge spacer
** STC and OITC values based on laminated insulating glass

Powder coated die-cast sweep locks and keepers provide maximum security at the meeting rails. An integrated locking system automatically secures the operable sash when closed, preventing upper sash drift on double-hung windows. In addition, a push-button feature on sweep locks increases safety by preventing windows from being opened accidentally or unintentionally. To keep insects at bay, exterior insect screens are available.

Fabrication and Installation

The AA®3350 ISOPORT™ Window is factory assembled to enhance quality control and reduce customer labor costs at the job site. Factory silicone glazing improves window quality and performance while eliminating the time investment and costs of field glazing. Removable stops ensure easy re-glazing, when required, with no disassembly required.

Multiple installation options include a frame flange/nailing fin, strap anchors and receptor system. These options are designed to accommodate a variety of installation methods, ensuring efficient, accurate installation for variable building conditions.


The AA®3350 ISOPORT™ Window’s integrated extruded lift rails eliminate the need for surface-applied hardware, making sight lines sleek and appealing. Muntin grids enclosed in 1" insulating glass provide a traditional design option that is virtually maintenance-free.

The 3-1/2" frame depth results in an aesthetically pleasing narrower interior to exterior transition. It also provides the minimum overall window depth to achieve structural performance and accommodate 1" infills.

A dual color finish option is also available. This option provides the flexibility to vary interior and exterior finishes. Overall system costs can be reduced by utilizing a more cost-effective interior finish. The dual color option also allows architects to add accent exterior finishes.

For the Finishing Touch

Permanodic® Anodized finishes are available in Class I and Class II in seven different color choices.

Painted finishes, including fluoropolymer, that meet AAMA 2605 are offered in many standard choices and an unlimited number of specially designed colors.

Solvent-free powder coatings add the green element with high performance, durability and scratch resistance that meet the standards of AAMA 2604.