AA®4325 OptiQ™ Ultra Thermal Windows

AA®4325 OptiQ™ Ultra Thermal Windows

AA®4325 OptiQ™ Ultra Thermal Windows


With its best-in-class thermal performance, OptiQ™ Windows set new industry standards for thermal intelligence.

The AA®4325 series features a polyamide thermal break that allows it to achieve higher thermal performance than the traditional pour and debridged (P&D) style thermal break. Performance is further enhanced by accommodating 1-inch and 1-3/4-inch insulating glass. In addition, alignment of the insulating glass unit (IGU) with the thermal break allows the window to maintain thermal continuity. Reduced sightlines also decrease thermal conductivity and transfer, while wider thermal break profiles allow for increased space between interior and exterior metal.

Thermal transmission is further reduced by a unique center fin gasket design, the use of insulating foam strips and the ability to accommodate 1-3/4-inch triple glazing. The window also achieves outstanding condensation resistance, making it ideal for applications like hospitals and schools where condensation and mold are significant concerns.

Using commercially available triple insulating glass, AA®4325 series windows have the potential to achieve U-factors of 0.17 for fixed and 0.22 for operable while still achieving a structural design pressure of 80 psf. Superior thermal efficiency also makes the window ideal for buildings seeking Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®*) certification.

Aesthetics and Flexibility

When it comes to aesthetics, the AA®4325 series is the perfect combination of brains and beauty. The 3-1/4-inch frame depth delivers high thermal performance while its minimal sightlines offer superior aesthetics. A dual color option provides the flexibility to vary interior and exterior finishes. This enables a reduction in overall system cost as a result of using a more cost-efficient interior finish or adding accent exterior finishes.

This versatile window is available in several configurations including, fixed, projecting and casement. Additionally, the AA®4325 series offers the flexibility to add or remove thermal options based on performance and cost requirements.

A variety of removable interior stops accommodate multiple infill thicknesses with no disassembly required for re-glazing. Additionally, the factory fabricated and glazed window has durable hardware, including white bronze cam handles and 4-bar hinges. Options for access panels with blinds and insect screens are also available.