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InLighten® Light Shelf

Translucent Polycarbonate Panels

Reynobond® Aluminum Composite Material (ACM) Panels

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InLighten® Light Shelf

Corner Condition

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InLighten® Light Shelf

InLighten® Light Shelf panels can be effortlessly tilted for care and cleaning.


Since light shelves are used to reduce artificial lighting requirements and also balance the light profile within the building space, translucent polycarbonate panels are now a standard offering in addition to the traditional opaque Reynobond® aluminum composite material (ACM) panels.

InLighten®’s standardized corner design creates a seamless product visual without sacrificing performance.

The ability to attach the minimal sightline light shelf to multiple Kawneer curtain wall systems (e.g., 1600 Wall System® curtain wall products) and storefront framing systems (e.g., Trifab® framing system products), makes it a perfect candidate for either new or retrofit projects.

InLighten® Light Shelf has been designed so it does not interfere with the installation or operation of typical window treatments.

Functionality and Performance

Keeping a clean reflective top surface is paramount to the performance of architectural light shelves. InLighten® Light Shelf’s design makes access to the top panel surface easy by incorporating a mounting bracket that allows the panel to be effortlessly tilted for care and cleaning.

System depths of up to 30" (762 mm) allow you to maximize the overall reflective surface area.

To ensure strength and safety needs were met, InLighten® Light Shelf was designed using advanced finite element analysis (FEA) modeling techniques and physical testing.

Fabrication and Assembly

InLigthen®’s modular design and panel options provide several fabrication and assembly advantages.

The attachment bracket permits the panels to be assembled separately from anchor installation, which allows the panels to be fabricated and assembled in the shop. This can significantly reduce the time spent in the field prior to installation.

The bracket also simplifies site installation and hanging of the panels. And, the lightweight polycarbonate panel option makes handling and lifting of the panel assemblies an even easier task.

By using a consistent approach of attaching InLighten® to various Kawneer products, installers are able to quickly gain familiarity with the systems and installation practices.


Architectural light shelves have become an integral part of the daylighting strategy for sustainable building design. Strategically placing InLighten® Light Shelf can allow for maximum daylighting and reflect natural light deeper into occupied spaces. Light shelves have been proven to reduce requirements for artificial perimeter lighting, thereby conserving electrical energy costs.

In addition to increased sun control and energy savings, InLighten® Light Shelf can help earn Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®*) credits in three categories: Materials & Resources – Recycled Content, Energy & Atmosphere – Optimize Energy Performance and Indoor Environmental Quality – Daylight and Views.