Trifab® 601, 601T and 601UT Framing Systems

Thermal simulations showing temperature variations from exterior/cold side to interior/warm side.

Trifab® 601, 601T and 601UT Framing Systems


Trifab® 601 Series Framing Systems leverage Kawneer’s exclusive dual IsoLock® lanced pour and debridge technology to provide three levels of thermal performance – non-thermal, single thermal break and dual thermal break. By combining the greater 6" depth with superior thermal performance and versatility, Kawneer is able to bridge the gap between traditional framing systems and low-rise curtain walls.

Trifab® 601, 601T and 601UT framing systems are perfect for projects where an economical alternative to a low-rise curtain wall is desired. These systems meet the same high standards that are traditionally found in Kawneer products for air and water infiltration and thermal performance. Trifab® 601 Series Framing Systems also have an HP (High Performance) sill design. The sill attaches to the sill flashing by way of a raceway and eliminates the troublesome blind seal method used on many flashing systems. The HP sill also includes a screw-applied end dam, which ensures positive and tight joints between the sill flashing and end dam.

Fabrication and Installation

Trifab® 601, 601T and 601UT employ screw spline joinery construction for efficient fabrication and installation. This construction method provides quality joinery and allows for shop-controlled fabrication and assembly, which leads to smaller field crews and less installation time. The framing can be specified for glazing from either the inside or outside. Inside glazing can help reduce field labor costs by eliminating the need for exterior scaffolding or swing stages for installation on floors above the ground level. In addition, the frames have a two-piece receptor option that easily accommodates attachment of air-barrier systems.

Aesthetics and Versatility

Trifab® 601, 601T and 601UT Framing Systems are designed with cost and flexibility in mind. With a 2" x 6" frame profile, the sightline is consistent with current framing systems and the glass pockets are aligned to the 4-1/2"-deep center set Trifab® framing systems. This allows for a shallow horizontal member that not only lowers overall metal costs, but also provides flexibility to accommodate interior finishes, such as blinds, that can span the full uninterrupted elevation height. The flexibility of the 3-in-1 series provides a pre-designed solution for non-thermal as well as thermal entrances. Framing options include non-thermal and thermally broken door framing members to accommodate 1-3/4"-deep and 2-1/4"-deep entrance doors, an expansion mullion and a two-piece head and jamb receptor. The 6" depth accommodates higher spans than conventional 4-1/2" storefront framing systems, and an optional 2-1/4" wide vertical mullion allows for internal steel reinforcement for projects with greater structural performance requirements.

For the Finishing Touch

Permanodic® adonized finishes are available in clear (Class I and Class II) and color (Class I) choices, including champagne, black, light bronze, medium bronze and dark bronze.

Painted finishes, including fluoropolymers that meet or exceed the standards of AAMA 2605, are offered in many standard choices and an unlimited number of specially designed colors.

Solvent-free powder coatings add the “green” element with high performance, durability and scratch resistance that meet the standards of AAMA 2604.