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Product Specifications

The AA®520/AA®521 range of window systems are applicable to commercial and residential projects. These are designed for insertion into punched openings, ribbon windows, coupled window wall designs or as inserts into curtain wall or framing systems.
Product Features
  • AA®520 is thermally broken with standard or concealed vents and AA®521 is non-thermal, available in standard construction type
  • AA®520 is a 3-chamber system: frame construction depth 52mm, vent construction depth 60mm
  • AA®521 is a 1-chamber system: frame construction depth 52mm
  • Standard or softline glazing beads available
  • Pane types: turn, turn/tilt, top hung, open out, with fixed zone and fanlight
Product Benefits
  • Multiple configurations allow many design possibilities
  • Designed for commercial applications
  • Integrates with AA®100 curtain wall and AA®3765 2-tracks