AA®230 Unitised Curtain Wall

Product Images

Product Specifications

The AA®230 Unitised Curtain Wall system is available in 65mm and 75mm sightlines with thermal break and non-thermal break options. Systems are fully drained and pressure equalised and offer design flexibility through fully capped and SSG options.
Product Features
  • 65mm inner facing width for applications of mechanically fixed glass planes
  • 75mm inner facing width for silicone sealed construction
  • Inward opening, tilt and turn and outward opening possible
  • Thermal break and non-thermal break options
  • Various mullion and rail depths are possible
  • Glued and clamped design
Product Benefits
  • Removes reliance upon on-site sealing
  • Shop fabrication for increased quality
  • Inside installation reduces labour costs and provides safer working condition
  • Unitised construction accelerates installation, making it ideal for refurbishment projects
  • Systems fully drained and pressure equalised
  • Accommodates Kawneer AA®3765 sliding doors and AA®520 / AA®521 window systems
Curtain wall systems installed and glazed to Kawneer recommended procedures have been tested and certified as per relevant BS, CWCT, ASTM and AAMA standards.