AA®3765 Sliding Door

Product Images

Product Specifications

The AA®3765 Sliding Door is engineered to meet various levels of performance for residential and commercial applications.  The stylish and reliable multi-chamber system has a 2-6 track frame construction and can accommodate up to 8 leafs.
Product Features
  • Optional thermal break
  • Option of 2 to 6 tracks using from 2 up to 8 leafs
  • Frame sizes from 52mm to 224mm
  • Vent size 32mm
  • Accommodates panes up to 25mm
Product Benefits
  • Fully tested for air, water and thermal performance
  • Wide range of options and applications to meet any construction requirement
  • Provides design versatility for both small and very large openings
  • Adjustable, galvanized lugs allow easy and quick installation
  • Stylish and ergonomic with ease of operation of the sashes