1510 Sliding Door/Window

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Product Specifications

Whether the construction is new or renovation, 1510 Sliding Door/Window makes installation easy while its minimal stile face width allows virtually uninterrupted vision, meeting the needs of the architect, the installer and the owner.
Product Features
  • Multiple uses: 2-track or 3-track, windows or patio doors
  • Accommodates panes from 6mm to 18mm
  • Large-dimensioned sashes available: L 1500mm x H 2500mm
  • Slim sightlines: 70mm on lateral stile, 35mm on central stile
  • Fixed or adjustable rollers support glazing weight up to 120kg
Product Benefits
  • Single-unit frame section for quick installation in new construction
  • Peripheral frame section for installation during renovation projects with large choice of shutter-pieces and flashing to adapt to any situation
  • Widely tested system with noise reduction capability (32 & 33 dB)
  • Ergonomic and stylish design for ease of operation of the sashes