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Training for Success
1:26PM on Tue 03 Jan 2012
By: Chris Fenwick

With the commercial construction market becoming more competitive every day, Kawneer's Commercial Training Manager, Chris Fenwick takes a closer look at how training and educating employees can become a key part of your road to success.

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Link in with Lisa

As a newcomer to the building and construction industry, Lisa Jackson, LEED® AP, Product Manager, Windows - examines the industry with fresh eyes and a new perspective. It's about what the future holds - where the industry is headed and how it can evolve and expand.

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9:59AM on Wed 12 Oct 2011
By: Lisa Jackson, LEED® AP

Opening Up: Entrances and Framing

Take a closer look at storefront, entrances and framing. What advances have been made? How can incorporating thermal breaks improve the performance of a building? Where is the commercial industry headed relative to these products? Donnie Hunter, Kawneer's Product Manager, Storefronts, Entrances and Framing, will answer these questions and more.

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8:01AM on Wed 27 Jul 2011
By: Donnie Hunter

A Look from the Outside In

Creating a high-performance building begins from the outside in. And, selecting the right curtain wall or sun control products can be challenging. Jot Chahal, Product Manager, Curtain Wall, Sun Control and BIPV, will take a fresh look at some unique new products, ideas and technologies that can help build innovative facades, which ultimately create better buildings.

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11:02AM on Thu 09 Jun 2011
By: Jot Chahal

Read My Lipps

With the constant evolution of design trends, Kawneer’s engineers know the importance of being informed and staying on top of the market. Chris Lipp, Architectural Product Engineer, shares his knowledge of engineering trends – from design challenges, new technologies, testing and sustainability, to customer feedback and more. Join Chris as he takes a look at what makes a difference in the industry.

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11:15AM on Wed 13 Apr 2011
By: Christopher Lipp

Nonresidential Construction Market Musings

Kawneer’s Manager of Market Strategy and Analysis, Andy Nag examines the nonresidential construction market – the current cycle, history, twists and turns – and takes a look at where the industry may be headed.

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7:14AM on Tue 08 Mar 2011
By: Andy Nag

Clearly GreenSpeak

What does green, sustainability, LEED really mean within the Building & Construction industry? Eddie Bugg PE, LEED AP, Director, Sustainable Solutions and respected industry veteran will discuss the many issues and controversies surrounding the topical green and sustainable movement.

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12:04PM on Mon 14 Jun 2010
By: Eddie Bugg PE, LEED AP

Listening to the Architect

With over 20 years of experience in the commercial construction industry, Henry Taylor, Kawneer's Architectural Services Team Manager, has been through the ups and downs of the market, seen trends change and architecture evolve. Henry's daily engagement with Architects keeps his finger on the pulse of the industry as he shares his insights on trends and important information.

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6:38AM on Wed 14 Apr 2010
By: Henry Taylor

Let's Talk Hurricane Resistant

With hurricane season upon us, Donnie Hunter, currently serving as Product Manager, Storefront, Entrance and Framing as well as recently Product Manager for Protective Glazing Products, will discuss how hurricanes have changed the way we build, including a look at testing standards and procedures and a discussion on hurricane resistant products for the market.

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7:15AM on Wed 26 Aug 2009
By: Donnie Hunter

It's all about Windows!

With the recent introduction of our new AA®3350 ISOPORT® Window, Robert Holcombe, Kawneer Product Development Manager, a long time company veteran, will discuss window related topics, including thermal continuity in window design and keeping up with window performance standards.

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10:00AM on Thu 23 Jul 2009
By: Robert Holcombe

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