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      • Exterior View - Open
      • Exterior View - Closed
      • Interior view - Open
      • Interior view - Closed
      • Exterior - section cut - GLASSvent™ UT Window installed in 1600UT Curtain Wall
      • Interior - section cut - GLASSvent™ UT Window installed in 1600UT Curtain Wall
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      GLASSvent™ UT (Ultra Thermal) Windows

      • 4-3/8" (111.1 mm) or 5-1/8" (130.2 mm) depth
      • Architectural window (AW)
      • Ultra thermal performance
      • Casement or projecting configuration
      • Blast mitigation, hurricane resistance

      Product Features

      Best-in-Class Thermal Performance in a Visually Concealed Vent
      Never before has something so seamless offered so much thermal performance. GLASSvent™ UT (Ultra Thermal) Windows are visually frameless concealed vents designed to provide a ventilation option for curtain wall with high thermal performance. The extraordinary thermal performance of GLASSvent™ UT Windows exceeds the thermal standards of many high-performing framing systems. Engineered for seamless integration with the 1600UT System™1 Curtain Wall, GLASSvent™ UT Windows can also be inserted into other Kawneer captured curtain walls and front set framing systems.

      In addition to meeting code requirements, GLASSvent™ UT Windows are the ideal solution for architects and designers who want to provide fresh-air ventilation without sacrificing thermal performance in curtain wall or storefront applications. As with all Kawneer windows, this ultra thermal vent is made from material that will never rot, warp or buckle due to moisture and weather exposure.
      GLASSvent™ UT (Ultra Thermal) Windows have undergone testing to hurricane and blast mitigation standards, offering additional protection beyond traditional air, water and structural performance, and help meet the needs of building security and occupant safety. 

      • AW-PG90-AP - Projecting
      • AW-PG90-C - Casement

      • 4-3/8" (111.1 mm) or 5-1/8" (130.2 mm) depth
      • Tested to US and Canadian Standards
      • 45° Mitered Vent and Frame Corners
      • Staked Corner Joinery
      • Architectural Anodized Finishes and Applied Coatings
      • Large Missile and Small Missile Hurricane Impact Tested
      • Blast Mitigation Tested
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