2250 L-R Wall

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Southwest Bank Building, MO; Architect: Chiodini Associates, MO 2250 L-R Wall System
Southwest Bank Building, MO; Architect: Chiodini Associates, MO
Southwest Bank Building, MO, USA; Chiodini Associates, MO, USA
JcIT Institute of Technology, CO, USA; The Neenan Company, CO, USA
Hayward Civic Center, CA, USA; Heller-Manus Architects, CA, USA
2250 L-R Wall System
2250 L-R Wall System

Product Specifications

Today’s construction industry demands faster building times, higher performance and improved aesthetics. In response, Kawneer’s team of engineers developed 2250 L-R Wall for low-rise applications—a stick system that  offers the performance of high-rise curtain wall with the advantages of faster installation and lower field labor costs.
2250 L-R Wall is ideally suited to curtain wall applications of four stories or less and may also be used in punched openings and ribbon windows.

Key Features Include:
  • Economical stick system; no compromise performance
  • Utilizes a polymer thermal clip, allowing for easier installation and labor savings
  • Concealed fastener joinery for an unbroken appearance
  • Accepts either 1/4" (6.4) or 1" (25.4) infills
  • Design flexibility allows a structural glazed option

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