NX-3700 Windows

Product Images

Product Specifications

  • 3-1/4” frame depth
  • NexGen Energy Spacer System™
  • NexGen Thermal Barrier System™
  • 1” insulating glass
  • Logical tilt and turn operation (first motion tilt, second motion turn)
  • Concealed dual action hardware

  • Expansive sizes with narrow sightlines
  • Elimination of transoms
  • Unparalleled daylighting and views
  • Indirect ventilation using tilt operation
  • Ease of cleaning with 90 degree turn operation
  • Superior energy efficiency
  • Installation selection from our extensive accessory library
  • Dual color dual finish (different finishes on exterior and interior)
  • Unsurpassed water performance

  • Traditional tilt and turn operation (first motion turn, second motion tilt)
  • Turn in or swing in motion only
  • Variety of handle finishes
  • Custodial handle
  • Interior glazing
  • Dual glazed (split vent) – maximum 1/4” exterior & interior
  • Triple glazed (split vent) 3/4” exterior and maximum 1/4” interior