TR-720 Windows

Product Specifications

Class & Grade: AW-PG80-C
  • Vent members are double tubular extrusions
  • Vent corners are reinforced with gussets before crimping
  • Hardware is fastened with screws through .125 walls.

  • 4-5/8" depth is ideal for installing in cavity walls without accessories.
  • Optional dual glazing permits thermal glazing of polycarbonate
  • Optional dual glazing protects internal blinds from dust and abuse

  • 1" insulating glass
  • Concealed stainless steel hinges
  • White bronze cam handles and strikes

  • Single glazed - maximum 1/4"
  • Dual glazed (split vent) - maximum 1/4" exterior and interior
  • Roto operator
  • Butt hinge/multi-point lock. (TR-710)
  • Integral mullions (specify sill/left jamb-to-CMR dimension)
  • Insect screens: exterior (TR-720/TR-740); interior with wickets (TR-710).
  • Exterior or internal muntins
  • Internal blinds