1600UT System™2 Curtain Wall

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Product Specifications

1600UT (Ultra Thermal) Curtain Wall System™ is an ultra innovative solution that raises the standards for pre-engineered performance.
Built on the success of the flagship 1600 curtain wall platform, the 1600UT System™2 delivers high thermal performance, versatility, reliability and value. 1600UUT System™2 is stick fabricated, 2- side SSG (Structural Silicone Glazed) and ideal for low- to mid-rise commercial applications where high thermal performing façades are needed.

Key Features Include:
  • 1600UT System™2 is a high thermal performance, structural silicone glazed curtain wall system
  • Innovative design delivers high thermal performance while leveraging 1600 Wall System architecture
  • Multiple thermal performance levels resulting from a combination of:
    - 1" Double or 1-3/4" Triple glazed insulating glass units
    - Aluminum or Fiberglass pressure plates
  • Thermal barrier design ensures high thermal performance without being susceptible to thermal fatigue
  • Offers seamless integration with high performance or standard entrances and window systems
  • Corners and splays available
  • Comprehensively tested to latest high performance air, water, structural and thermal standards
  • Glass chairs support insulating glass units enabling larger expanses of glass
  • Two color option
  • Pressure equalized system tested with vapor barrier

Optional Features
  • Steel reinforcing
  • Rain screen and backpans
  • Deep profile covers and bull nose covers
  • Deep and heavy-weight mullions

Product Applications
  • Ideal for low to mid-rise applications where high thermal performance is desired
  • High span applications

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