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Massanutten WaterPark, VA, USA; Dembling + Dembling Architects, P.C., NY, USA
1600 L-R Wall™
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  • A low rise curtain wall system for Stock Length sales
  • Has 2-1/2" (63.5) sightlines
  • Standard 5-3/4" (146.1) or 7-1/4" (184.2) depth systems
  • This system is outside, pressure glazed available captured or SSG

CESTM, SUNY, NY, USA; Cannon Design, NY, USA
1600 PowerWall™
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  • A reliable source of energy that is silent, pollution free, without moving parts, easily installed and easily maintained
    Reduces both energy purchase requirements and carbon and overall environmental footprints
  • Can be incorporated into vertical and sloped glazing applications

Stockton Arena, CA, USA; 360 Architecture, MO, USA
1600 SS Curtain Wall / 1600 SS (Pre-glazed) Curtain Wall
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  • An outside pressure glazed curtain wall system available as captured or SSG
  • Screw spline joinery method allowing for shop assembly
  • Pre-glazed Option (unitzed curtain wall) available
  • Ideal for low to mid-rise applications where high performance is desired view product details

Knight Oil Tools Corporate Facility, LA, USA; Donald J. Breaux Architect, LA, USA
1600 Wall System™1
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  • An integrated, outside glazed, captured curtain wall
  • Pressure glazed system for low to mid-rise applications
  • Meets current codes requiring protection of openings in wind borne debris regions.

ADEQ, AR, USA; Taggart Foster Currence Gray Architects, Inc.; Williams & Dean Assoc. Architects
1600 Wall System™2
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  • A structural silicone glazed (SSG) curtain wall
  • Pressure glazed system for low to mid-rise applications
  • Concealed fastener joinery creates smooth, monolithic appearance

One Ballantyne, Ballantyne Corporate Park, NC, USA; TBA2 Architects, NC, USA
1600 Wall System™3
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  • Incorporates IsoStrut® Thermal Break for superior structural and thermal performance
  • Integral exterior cover and thermal isolator reduce installed cost 
  • Inside glazing reduces installation costs 
  • Outside glazing option for spandrel re-glazing

Caesars Palace Tower, NV, USA; Bergman, Walls and Youngblood Ltd. Architects, NV, USA
1600 Wall System™4
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  • Incorporates IsoStrut™ Thermal Break for superior structural and thermal performance
  • Profile 2-1/4" (57.2)
  • Offered in both 6” (152.4) and 7-1/2" (190.5) overall frame depth

Realm Condominiums, GA, USA; The Preston Partnership, LLC, GA, USA
1600 Wall System™5
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  • Narrow 2-1/2" (63.5) sightline with 6" (152.4) and 7-1/2" (190.5) system depths
  • Inside glazed
  • Condensation water management capability
  • Integral perimeter caulk leg

1600UT System1 - Isometric
1600UT System™1
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  • Stick fabricated curtain wall, pressure glazed and ideal for low- to mid-rise commercial applications where high thermal performing façades are needed.

1600UT System™2
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  • 1600UT System™2 is a high thermal performance, structural silicone glazed curtain wall system
  • Innovative design delivers high thermal performance while leveraging 1600 Wall System architecture

Phillips Square, Alberta; Gibbs Gage Architects, Alberta
1602 Wall
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  • Slim 2" (50.8) sightlines
  • Tubular construction with shear block connections
  • Split mullion unitized system for horizontal strip window
  • Thermally broken framing

1620 SSG Curtain Wall System
1620/1620 SSG Curtain Wall System
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  • Stick fabricated curtain wall, pressure glazed 4-side captured or 2-side vertical SSG glazed -- ideal for low- to mid-rise commercial applications where narrow sightline façades are needed.

1630 SS IR Curtain Wall
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Elite Impact Resistance.

  • 1630 SS IR Curtain Wall is an impact resistant 3" sightline, curtain wall system that offers an additional line of defense against high winds, heavy rains, hurricanes and more.
  • Having undergone rigorous testing to hurricane impact and blast mitigation standards, the 1630 SS IR Curtain Wall meets increasing design pressure requirements and can deliver larger spans.
  • Screw-spline architecture with both dry and wet glazing options make the 1630 SS IR flexible as well as easy and fast to install.

Port of Technology, PA, USA; Ueland Junker McCauley Nicholson Partnership, PA, USA
2250 IG (Inside Glazed)
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  • 4-1/2" (114.3), 6" (152.4) and 7-1/2" (190.5) system depths for 1” (25.4) glazing
  • 5-1/4" (133.4) and 6-3/4" (171.5) system depths 1/4” (6.4) glazing
  • Incidental water management capability
  • Thermally improved

Southwest Bank Building, MO, USA; Chiodini Associates, MO, USA
2250 L-R Wall
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  • Economical stick system; no compromise performance
  • Utilizes a polymer thermal clip, allowing for easier installation and labor savings
  • Concealed fastener joinery for an unbroken appearance
  • Accepts either 1/4" (6.4) or 1" (25.4) infills

Cathedral Place, WI, USA; Solomon, Cordwell, Buenz, IL, USA
2500 PG Wall™ Curtain Wall System
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  • Selection of stock length, fabricated or preassembled and glazed
  • Unitized construction accelerates installation
  • 2-1/2" x 7-1/2" (63.4 x 190.5) profile

PCL Centennial Learning Centre, AB, Canada; Cohos Evamy integratedesign™, AB, Canada
7500 Wall™
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  • Incorporates high performance IsoWeb™ thermal break
  • Accommodates various infills, including triple glazed insulating glass units
  • Excellent air and water performance
  • Profile is 2-1/2" (63.5)

Clearwall™ curtain wall
Clearwall™ Curtain Wall
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  • All glass look curtain wall designed specifically for low-rise applications
  • 4-sided Toggle Glazed (TG) curtain wall system with a breakthrough glass retaining mechanism
  • Toggle system reduces installation labor, simplifies onsite logistics and enhances safety while providing superior aesthetics

Etisalat Building, Fujairah, UAE: The Webb Zurafa Menkes Housden Partnership, Canada
Custom Curtain Wall
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  • Selected for the world’s most recognized buildings
  • Engineering and design expertise
  • Worldwide manufacturing and distribution
  • Established leadership in major applications around the world

FG 623™
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  • Ribbon window and multi-lite punched opening system with pre-glaze capability.
  • FG 623™ may be supplied in stock lengths or factory fabricated
  • In addition, the system can be pre-assembled and pre-glazed under controlled shop conditions that save time compared to field construction

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