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Sustainable Solutions

Kawneer's green website - Kawneergreen.com

Using earth-friendly ideas to build a better world…
Kawneer’s commitment to sustainable environmental solutions begins with a product line comprised in large part of two of the earth’s most plentiful recyclables, aluminum and glass.  How efficient is aluminum as a sustainable building material?  Recycled aluminum is identical to smelted aluminum, except for one thing: it takes only 1/20 of the energy to produce it.  Less energy means reduced greenhouse emissions.  And like few other materials in the recycling chain, aluminum recycles over and over again.
We take our role of environmental steward seriously.  That’s why Kawneer has initiated such green practices as biodegradable packaging, the use of reusable containers for chemicals and paint, energy-producing photovoltaic systems, and many other earth-friendly processes.

Learn more about Kawneer’s commitment to sustainability at Kawneergreen.com.

Kawneer’s LEED Planning Tool:
The LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Green Building Rating System is a voluntary, consensus-based national standard for developing high-performance, sustainable buildings. More and more building owners and architects are using the system to measure their success in environmental stewardship and sound green construction practices.
Designed as a “working” instrument, Kawneer’s LEED Planning Tool is ideal for use in the design development stage. The tool ties specific strategies to specific Kawneer products, and also features sections for “Potential Points” and “Earned Points” based on the recommended products/principles for each LEED category. This function allows users to estimate the amount of points their projects can earn and track their progress toward certification.
View LEED Planning Tool (PDF 798 KB)

Kawneer’s sustainable products:
From thermal performance and energy efficiency to daylighting and air quality, Kawneer offers products designed to achieve green construction goals.
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For further information, visit this useful website:
U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC)

Kawneer Employees Make an Impact
As part of Arconic, Kawneer offers the Make an Impact program, which provides the tools for employees and the community to manage their individual carbon footprint, reduce their energy costs, and become part of the solution to global climate change. 
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