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The International Toy Center
New York, New York

The International Toy Center, 200 5th Avenue, New York, New York
The International Toy Center, 200 5th Avenue, New York, New York

The International Toy Center In New York City now stands alone as the city’s only landmarked Core & Shell building to boast the LEED’s Gold certification prestigious designation.
The International Toy Center in Manhattan, NY, once the main hub for toy companies and distributors in the USA was in desperate need of new windows. The building was being revitalized into a Class A office building, with retail shops and restaurants at street level. The 1,561 copper clad wood windows in the building had decayed over time causing poor performance with significant air and water infiltration. The windows on the front of the 16-story building are oversized ranging from 66” wide by 120” tall to 70”wide by 123” tall. The Toy Center, which was built in 1909, is a historic landmark building, which meant that any window replacement project involved being able to adhere to the strict Preservation guidelines.
Traco products: TR-9700, 3-1/4” Single Hung Side Load Windows, AAMA rated AW 40 TR-9000, 4” Double Hung Tilt Windows, AAMA rated AW45
Quantity: 1,561
LEED: Gold certification
Architects: Robert Maynicke and Julius Franke
Alliance Dealer/Installer:  Kilroy Architectural Windows, Inc.
The International Toy Center is known throughout New York and the tenants in the building once accounted for approximately 95% of the toy sales in the US at the height of its tenant capacity. It began to flourish after World War I when restrictions were placed on exports.
“New York is a long thin island and as each area developed, so did the style of architecture for that period. Many of the Flatiron District’s buildings were designed with copper clad wood windows,” according to Charles Krobot III, President of Kilroy Architectural Windows, Inc. “The historic windows were a challenge because they were so large on the front of the building,” he explains.
We were fortunate enough to do three of the historic landmark buildings in near proximity to each other with Traco historic windows–– The Flatiron Building, The International Toy Center and The Madison Square Building North.”

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