AA®601TE Parallel Opening Window

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AA®601TE Parallel Opening Window AA®601TE Parallel Opening Window
AA®601TE Parallel Opening Window
AA®601TE Parallel Opening Window
AA®601TE Parallel Opening Window
AA®601TE Parallel Opening Window

Product Specifications

The new Kawneer AA®601TE Parallel Opening Window is available as a stand alone window system and as an insert into existing Kawneer curtain walling and framing systems allowing complete design freedom.
Based on the established Kawneer AA®601TE window system, the parallel opening design benefits from the proven thermal performance of the standard AA®601TE casement, achieving U-values of 1.5 W/m2K for a CEN sized window with warm edge spacer, while offering exceptional levels of natural ventilation and air exchange.
Increased air flow around the full perimeter of the window facilitates highly efficient natural ventilation while greatly reducing draughts. Fresh air is drawn in via the bottom of the window while warm, stale air is expelled via the top of the window creating full circulation of air within the room.
This efficient exchange of air can assist with Approved Document F compliance and can enable the AA®601TE Parallel Opening Window to meet the ventilation requirements of even the most demanding project.

Product Features
  • Effective ventilation around the whole perimeter of the window
  • Increased air circulation and natural ventilation
  • 80mm clear opening restriction as standard
  • Proven thermal performance of standard AA®601TE
  • Suites with Kawneer Curtain Wall and Framing products
  • Parallel operation of window
  • Maximum vent size of 1500mm wide x 2400mm high for manual operation (larger sizes may be possible using automatic operators)
With the decisive advantage of...
  • Can achieve approximately twice the natural ventilation of an equivalent sized top hung window *
  • Draughts are reduced while fresh air exchange is maximised *
  • Safety for all users and occupants
  • U-value of 1.5 W/m2K for CEN sized window
  • Total design flexibility. Offering total project solutions
  • Maintains the same reflective aesthetic as the facade
  • Large vents allow maximum glass area and can reduce the quantity of vents required
* A recent case study carried out by Arup based on a typical classroom reported free air flow of 560 litres/sec for parallel opening windows compared to 290 litres/sec for top hung windows of an equivalent size. Similarly, air changes within the classroom were reported as 10.9 per hour for the parallel window design compared to 5.7 for the equivalent sized top hung windows.
Roberts K. CFD Comparative Analysis of Parallel and Top Hung Windows, 2009.
The Kawneer AA®601TE Parallel Opening Window has been independently security tested to BS 7950: 1997 - Amendments 1, 2 & 3, giving our customers, specifiers and end-users the confidence that the window meets exceptional security criteria.

Operational Safety
The Kawneer AA®601TE Parallel Opening Window operating forces have been independently tested with vent sizes up to a maximum of 1500mm wide x 2400mm high falling within the 100N operating force requirement for manual operation. The AA®601TE Parallel Opening Window can also be used with automatic operators for operating forces greater than 100N or in places of restriced access.
Windows are restricted to 80mm clear opening as standard giving the confidence of safe operation for all users while further enhancing the security of the window.

Weather Performance
Independently Tested to BS 6375-1: 2009
Air Permeability 600PA
Watertightness 750Pa
Resistance to Windload 2400Pa
Complies with Operation and Strength Test BS 6375 Pt2.

Project Assistance
For advice and support and to ensure you find the best solution for your individual project needs, please contact our Architectural Services Team.

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