Scottish Enterprise HQ
Glasgow, UK

Scottish Enterprise HQ
Scottish Enterprise HQ
Scottish Enterprise HQ

Building Design Partnership
Kawneer Dealer:
Charles Henshaw & Sons Ltd
Contract Value:
£ 2.75 Million
Designed by Building Design Partnership (BDP), for developer Bellhouse Joseph, the building is a seven-storey office block, comprising a combination of open plan office areas and cellular office space.
Kawneer worked closely with BDP in order to realise the architect’s design intent for the various curtain walling aspects of the project. The building features a combination of Kawneer solutions, many of which incorporate custom detailing to balance aesthetic and structural requirements.
Inserting continuous sleeves into the mullion sections enhanced the structural performance properties of the 1202 zone drained curtain wall system and the main south elevation, overlooking the Clyde, features the specially developed 1612 zone drained curtain wall system.
For continuity, the 1612 system was also used for the ribbon windows set into pre cast concrete, while the atrium roof was constructed using the 1203 mullion drained curtain wall system.

Products Used:

  • 1202 Zone Drained Curtain Wall
  • 1203 Mullion Drained Curtain Wall
  • 1612 Zone Drained Curtain Wall

Project Report (PDF):