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It is important to feel safe both at home and at work. Several ways of preventing fire play a key role in creating this safe environment. If a fire were to occur in your building, it’s a comforting thought that Alcoa’s façade systems, including windows and doors, are comprehensively tested and approved with regard to fire resistance.
Alcoa Architectural Systems has been at the top of the game for years when it comes to developing fire-resistant building systems. The aluminium window and door profiles (RT 52, 62 and 72) have been made fire-resistant, as well as the curtain wall system AA 100 Q. In accordance with the European EN-standards these systems have been tested with regard to flame density (E), insulation (I) and heat radiation (W).
Tests performed by TNO’s subsidiary company Efectis show that the fire-resistance of the fire-retardant systems effectively means a 30-minute delay in fire breakthrough and at least a 60-minute delay in fire spread. Alcoa has developed a 60-minute fire-resistant facade, a fire-resistant automatic slide, fire-resistant double doors, and fire-resistant tilt and turn windows. This last type of window is a one of a kind design and quite unique in the world of aluminium systems because of its larger dimensions and the fact that it’s movable.
Only minimal adjustments are needed to make our standard systems fire-resistant. Needless to say this adjustment makes no difference to the look and the performance concerning water impermeability and insulation. The system stays fundamentally the same, which is another important advantage, as there is no visual difference between fire-resistant and non fire-resistant windows, doors and facades.

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