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The building systems of Alcoa Architectural Systems are all products that conform to the prevailing standards of burglarproofing of the Politiekeurmerk “Veilig Wonen” (Police Mark “Safe Living”) class 2 and/or class 3. This way you keep unwanted visitors outside, and your valuables inside!
All systems have been thoroughly tested for burglar-proofness. Fixed windows, tilt and turn windows, windows that swing in or out, all of them meet the requirements of the standard NEN 5096 Politiekeurmerk “Veilig Wonen”. This is of course true for the single and double doors too. In conclusion the sliding windows and (lever) sliding doors, as well as the curtain walls can be made burglarproof.
Only minimal adjustments are needed to make our standard systems burglarproof. Needless to say this adjustment makes no difference to the look and the performance concerning water resistance and insulation. The system remains fundamentally the same, which is another important advantage as there is no visual difference between burglarproof, and non-burglarproof windows, doors and facades.

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