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By insulating your windows properly you can cut back on the annual costs of central heating. A badly insulated house or office allows all that precious warmth to just slip out. Aluminium frame profiles make all the difference! The insulation values are on average at least as high and often higher than profiles made of other materials, which means that your level of comfort increases, while you save money ánd the environment.
Outside: water, wind and chilly air.
Inside: a comfortable ambience.
By virtue of the hidden drainage, which renders water caps redundant, Alcoa’s building systems are consistently scoring high points with regard to wind and water resistance.  Moreover, in combination with the right type of glass, the facades are well suited to keep sounds out and reduce the amount of decibels your windows allow to pass through (sound insulation varies from 42 to 48 dB).
Alcoa’s windows, doors, sliding windows, sliding doors and facades help you to significantly augment the sustainability of your indoor climate.  If you would still like some fresh air, the windows can come equipped with a ventilation position, which is easy to use. By regulating the ventilation you can determine your own ideal indoor climate.

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