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      Kawneer INVI Hinge and locking hardware

      Aluminium windows with hidden hinges and locks are available with the Kawneer window systems. This hidden hinge and locking hardware is marketed under the name of Kawneer INVI.

      Product Features

      New window hardware with emphasis on the hidden parts

      We would like to bring to your attention window hardware in which the hinges are not visible! This hidden window hardware is marketed under the name of Kawneer INVI. It can be used for turning, turn and tilt (or tilt and turn) and casement windows. Since the hinges are not attached to the frame, but between the frame and the leaf, an even thinner frame can be used in some cases. Naturally, SKG has tested the hardware and it has been approved for burglary-resistance applications, Class 2. Recently, a clever improvement was incorporated, whereby the burglary-resistant hardware can be installed in a more quick and easy way.

      The window hardware is guaranteed for section weights up to 100 kg and dimensions up to 1600 mm wide and  2000 mm high. In widths up to 1300 mm there is a maximum height limit of 2400 mm.
      The only visible part is the handle, with which the hardware can be easily operated. This can be supplied in various colors.

      Specific characteristics:
      • Applicable in the R 52 / RT 52 / RT 62 / RT 72 and GT 70 S systems, for  turn, turn and tilt and casement windows.
      • Anti-burglary: NEN 5096 Class 2 regarding Police Hallmark VeiligWonen®
      • non-visible pivot points
      • design freedom especially for small profiles
      • hardware components that can be clamped
      • openable to 110º
      • maximum section weight 100 kg
      • section width minimum 450 mm - maximum 1600 mm
      • section width minimum 550 mm - maximum 2400 mm

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