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      Electro Hinge and Locking hardware

      For convenient usage, Kawneer offers a complete series of sliding windows and lift-and-slide doors without operating handles. The operation is possible in several ways: by remote control, finger scan and manual.

      Product Features

      Open and close with one push of a button

      Easy to use. From now on you can open and close your windows and doors with one push of a button, even by remote control if you wish. This is accomplished by using a complete electrical installation.


      Doors are easy to open via a finger scan, even by remote control if you wish. This is possible because of a complete electrical multi-point lock. The electrical locking hardware is invisible. Special frame profiles ensure a small and subtile view width of the RT 62 electrical door. These thin profiles can be delivered in different forms and shapes.


      Electrical hardware has also been developed for the lift sliding doors in the RT 100 series. Simple to install with pre-mounted hardware components and easy to install, pluggable plug & play cables. This lift sliding door can be operated with only one push of a button; increasing living standards because of an electrical drive (infrared remote control). In emergency situations the windows and doors can be operated manually.


      However, ease of operation is not only reserved for lift sliding doors or simple doors. Kawneer offers a solution for electrically opening and closing for various aluminium turn and tilt windows. Ideal for windows situated in high places. This hinge and locking hardware fits in our RT 52, RT 62 and 72 systems. The Electro hinge and locking hardware of Kawneer

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