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      Folding wall

      Maximum operating freedom with the folding system from Kawneer. By installing new hardware on our existing high-quality RT 52, RT 62 and RT 72 aluminium window and door systems, it is possible to fold the open parts to one or two sides.

      Product Features

      Folding wall

      Light is indispensable in creating a comfortable, safe and attractive living and work environment. Thanks to the folding system of Kawneer, you can experience an optimal feeling of space, as inside and outside are literally connected with each other. The folding system is easy to open and to slide and has excellent operating comfort.
      The multifaceted system can be constructed out of an even and odd number of sections, which leads to many possibilities. Because of the deliberate modular design, Kawneer’s different systems can be coupled to each other. For instance, within the folding system a door and/or a casement window can be incorporated. The folding system complies with the requirements and standards in the area of burglary resistance, wind and watertightness, and has a high insulation value.

      Specific characteristics:
      • High insulation value
      • Wind and watertightness up to 650 Pa
      • Hidden water drainage
      • Anti-burglary: NEN 5096 Class 2 regarding Police Hallmark VeiligWonen®
      • Inside and outside color as desired
      • The system is bottom rolling
      • Suitable for combination with RT 52 – RT 62 – RT 72 window and door systems
      • Maximum dimensioning per section: 900 mm (w) and 2600 mm (h)
      • Minimum dimensioning per section: 425 mm (w), depending on the application, and 600 mm (h)
      • Folding hardware is suitable for a section weight of 80 kg

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