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      AA 3110 3-rail

      The aluminium AA 3110 sliding window and door system of Kawneer has recently been expanded to include the AA 3110 3-rail. By means of this new 3-rail sliding door, an even larger passageway can be created from the inside to the outside. This occurs because, with this design, the three parts can slide independently.

      Product Features

      AA 3110 3-rail

      With the new AA 3110 3-rail you can open your sliding door even wider for maximum spaciousness. The Kawneer AA 3110 system offers unique possibilities to construct high-quality aluminium sliding windows and doors that comply with the most diverse demands. Moreover, the insulation value of the AA 3110 system belongs to the best in this class.

      An even wider entrance
      The AA 3110 system lends itself very well to creating different solutions. For instance, it is possible to have a sliding door with one section fixed and one section sliding or with two sliding sections. Even a 4-section sliding patio door can be made. The recently launched AA 3110 3-rail makes it possible to create an even larger passageway between outside and inside. In this new setup, three sliding sections can be arranged next to each other. This creates, for example, the possibility of washing the outside of the sliding doors from the inside.

      Residential and commercial construction
      Maximum insulation, beautiful designs and ease of operation are important criteria to which the aluminium sliding windows and doors of Kawneer adhere. Naturally, anti-burglary (NEN 5096 Class 2 regarding Police Hallmark VeiligWonen®) also played an important role during the development of this model in the AA 3110 system. Hidden water drainage and constructing the outside in different colors are all part of the possibilities. AA 3110 sliding patio doors are standardly equipped with attractively shaped high-quality hinges and locks. The excellent price/quality ratio makes this system appropriate for both residential and commercial construction.

      All aluminium sliding patio doors of Kawneer are easy to use. Because of the innovative design and the high-quality components, the door slides on its rails with a minimum of effort. Moreover, it will continue to operate with minimal maintenance. In this way it is guaranteed that you will be able to bring in the outside world in the most comfortable manner, whenever you desire.

      For further questions and/or project specific advice, please contact us.

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