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      AA 4110 Aluminum Sliding Windows and Aluminum Sliding Doors

      The AA 4110 system of Kawneer offers top quality materials on all fronts concerning aluminium sliding windows, sliding doors and tilt and slide doors. Because of the wind and watertightness, burglary and noise resistance, you should not have to settle for less than what the AA 4110 has to offer.

      Product Features

      AA 4110 Aluminium Sliding windows , Aluminium Sliding doors and Tilt and Slide doors

      Kawneer's AA 4110 offers high-quality insulated aluminium sliding windows, sliding doors and tilt and slide doors. Because of the excellent performance in the area of wind and watertightness, insulation value, high glass weights and burglary resistance, the AA 4110 is a success among the sliding systems. The aluminium sliding patio doors are standardly equipped with attractively designed hinges and locking hardware, and the sliding door itself can be delivered in any desired RAL color. Ease of operation is an important criterion to which the AA 4110 adheres. By means of lift and slide hardware, possibly with the aid of electrical power, extra comfort is guaranteed. The excellent price/quality ratio makes this system appropriate for both residential and commercial construction.

      System performance:
      • Sound insulation: Rw up to 43 dB in accordance with NEN-EN 717-1 and NEN-EN 140-3
      • High thermal insulation class Uw from 1.0 W/m²K 
      • Burglary resistance: Class 2 in accordance with NEN-EN 1627 t/m 1630 and NEN 5096 for the purpose of Police Hallmark VeiligWonen® 
      • Wind tightness: class 4 in accordance with NEN-EN 12207 (depending on type)
      • Water tightness: class E 750 in accordance with NEN-EN 12211 (depending on type)
      System characteristics: 
      • Frame depth: 113, 123 and 185 mm 
      • View width: 85 and 105 mm 
      • Glass thickness: between 4 and 47 mm 
      • Double seals: rubber or brush with finseal 
      • Deliverable in single, double and triple track 
      • Inside and outside available in RAL color as desired 
      • Section weight maximum 200 kg (slider), 250 kg (tilt and slide), 300 kg (electrical) 
      • Sliding windows and sliding doors equipped with wheels and rails of stainless steel
      • Operable from inside and outside 
      • Hidden water drainage 
      • Modular system
      If you have questions, or if you are looking for a different sollution, please contact us by phone 0341 - 464 615 or e-mail office@arconic.com.

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