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      AA 100 Q Aluminium Curtain Walls

      The Aluminium curtain walls of Kawneer can be designed in many ways. With or without the extensive varieties in cover caps, we offer you unlimited combination possibilities within your design. The modularly constructed aluminium curtain wall system AA 100 Q is very suitable for constructing thermally insulated, burglary resistant and/or fire resistant facades.

      Product Features

      AA 100 Q Aluminium Curtain Walls

      The AA 100 Q aluminium curtain wall system of Kawneer is simple to set up and mount, but unprecedented in the number of possibilities, which include:  type of water drainage, compartment or channel drainage, and which cover strips to use for the outside of the facade. Within the AA 100 Q it is also possible to construct a (semi-)structural facade. The inside construction will be the same in any case. An ample assortment of profiles ensures that construction with this complete facade system can be designed and built. The most divergent facade solutions are possible in terms of design, anti-theft, fire resistance and (hidden) movable parts.

      System performance:
      • Sound resistance Rw to 48 dB 
      • High thermal insulation according to NEN-EN 10077-2, Uf from 1.6 W/m².K 
      • Anti-burglary: NEN 5096 Class 2 regarding Police Hallmark VeiligWonen® 
      • Fire resistance: EW-30, EW-60, EI-30 and EW-90 
      • Wind and watertightness to 1000 Pa (depending on design)
      System characteristics: 
      • Unique glazing sizes from 6 through 50 mm 
      • High glass weights to 600 kg 
      • View width 50 mm 
      • Profile depth through 275 mm 
      • Continuous glazing and rubber seals 
      • Choice of compartmentalized or channel drainage 
      • Patented channel/ridge connection 
      • Unique water drainage and pressure balancing 
      • Patented insulation methodology 
      • Different cover caps on the outside 
      • Inside and outside color as desired 
      • Universal use of profiles and accessories 
      • Modular system

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