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      R 52 non-insulated Windows and Doors

      This uninsulated aluminium window and aluminium door system of Kawneer is installed in shopping centers as interior partition, in work areas and is also used for windproof enclosures for walkways and staircases.

      Product Features

      R 52 non-insulated

      For applications that use non-insulated aluminium windows and aluminium doors, the R 52 system of Kawneer is extremely appropriate. The system is part of the modular Kawneer Aluminium window and Aluminium door system and can be combined with insulated systems RT 52, RT 62 and RT 72. Many window and door variations are possible. This non-insulated system is frequently applied in commercial construction, such as in shopping centers as partitions for interior spaces and work areas. Naturally, the system is also applicable for residential buildings for uses like enclosing walkways and staircases. The system has been tested for anti-burglary NEN 5096 Class 2 regarding Police Hallmark of VeiligWonen®.
      A few applications:

      System performance:
      • Thermal insulation: non-insulated 
      • Anti-burglary: NEN 5096 Class 2 regarding Police Hallmark VeiligWonen®
      • Wind and watertightness up to 300 Pa
      System characteristics: 
      • Frame depth 52 mm
      • View width 68, 78 and 88 mm
      • Glass thickness from 4 through 36 mm 
      • Modular system
      • Komo system attest
      For further questions and/or project specific advice, please contact us. 
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