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      RT 62 Windows and Doors

      This Kawneer insulated aluminium window and aluminium door system is appropriate for residential buildings, commercial buildings and renovations because of its multiple possibilities, proven quality and excellent performance. We offer a solution for every project.

      Product Features

      RT 52 - RT 62 - RT 72

      Light is indispensable in creating a comfortable, safe and attractive living and work environment. Kawneer’s aluminium windows and doors ensure maximum daylight entry because of their thin profile. Because of the deliberate modular design, Kawneer’s different systems can be coupled to each other.
      In principle, the RT 52, RT 62 and RT 72 systems are identical. However, by using a 10 mm deeper insulator per system. the built-in depth extends, and results in a higher insulation value. All of our windows and doors have been tested extensively and comply with the greatest demands with respect to anti-burglary, fire resistance, thermal insulation, wind and watertightness and sound insulation.
      A large variety of windows, doors and folding systems can be constructed with the high-quality RT 52, RT 62 and RT 72 window and door systems. Naturally, we also offer an accompanying assortment of hinge and locking hardware for this. Besides a utilitarian function, windows and doors also have an aesthetic function. Thanks to the attractive shapes and ample choice of profiles and surface treatments, each facade can attain its own unique character.
      A few applications:
      A large number of applications can be designed. Below are several examples. There are more possibilities, of course, and we would like to work with you in developing project solutions and providing a design for your requirements and ideas.

      System performance:
      • Sound insulation Rw to 47 dB 
      • Thermal insulation according to NEN-EN 10077-2:    
          RT 52 Uf starting at 3,204 W/m²K
          RT 62 Uf starting at 2,238 W/m²K
          RT 72 Uf starting at 2,371 W/m²K
                   RT 72 HR Uf starting at 1,256 W/m²K
                   RT 72 HI+ Uf starting at 0,873 W/m²K
      • Anti-burglary: NEN 5096 Class 2 regarding Police Hallmark VeiligWonen® 
      • Fire resistance: EI-30, EW-30 and EW-60. 
      • Wind and watertightness to 650 Pa (depending on type)
      System characteristics:
      • Frame depth 52 – 62 – 72 mm 
      • View width 68, 78 and 88 mm 
      • Glass thickness from 4 through 56 mm 
      • Inside and outside color as desired 
      • Continuous glazing and rubber seals 
      • Chamber system
      • Symmetrical profiles
      • Hidden water drainage 
      • Modular system 
      • Komo system attest
      For further questions and/or project specific advice, please contact us.
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