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      • GT 70 S Steellook Design
      • GT 70 S Steellook Design
      • GT 70 S Standard Design
      • SocVerzbank GT70S
      • Vlissingen GT70S
      • Vlissingen Detail GT70S
      • Essent GT70S
      • Raamsdonkveer GT70S
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      GT 70 S Windows and Doors

      With the aluminium GT 70 S design, Kawneer has the best solution for replacing wood and steel windows while maintaining the authentic look and offering the comfort of contemporary systems.

      Product Features

      GT 70 S: Classical outside aspect, modern comfort

      The GT 70 S is a component of the RT 52, RT 62 and RT 72 modular aluminium window and aluminium door systems. The GT 70 S aluminium window system is especially recognizable by the slim profile, thanks to a width of 39 mm. Because of this, the GT 70 S is highly suitable for steel renovation. However, the system is also regularly applied to new building and construction projects.


      Residential homes and commercial premises in need of renovation are often characterized by having slim steel frames. These frames provide the buildings with a characteristic aspect, but they imply serious insulation limitations. Kawneer has the solution ready to go, the GT 70 S window system. This system offers the same aspect, but with the insulation value, functionality and durability compatible with a modern aluminium system.


      The system profile of the GT 70 S series can invisibly replace currently installed materials, not only steel, but also wood and plastic can be replaced by aluminium. With all of aluminium's positive characteristics. The authentic character of the building is not disturbed, increased burglary and fire resistance become possible and maintenance becomes practically unnecessary.




      System performance: 

      • Sound insulation Rw to 47 dB 
      • Thermal insulation according to NEN-EN 10077-2:    
        RT 52 Uf from 3,204 W/m²K   
        RT 62 Uf from 2,238 W/m²K   
        RT 72 Uf from 2,371 W/m²K   

                 RT 72 HR Uf from 1,256 W/m²K

                 RT 72 HI+ Uf from 0,873 W/m²K

      • Anti-burglary: NEN 5096 Class 2 regarding Police Hallmark VeiligWonen® 
      • Fire resistance:  EW-30 and EW-60. 
      • Wind and watertightness to 650 Pa (depending on type)


      System characteristics: 

      • Frame depth 52 – 62 – 72 mm
      • View width 39 mm 
      • Glass thickness from 4 through 36 mm 
      • Inside and outside color as desired 
      • Continuous glazing and rubber seals 
      • Chamber system
      • Symmetrical profiles
      • Hidden water drainage
      • Modular system 
      • Komo system attest


      For further questions and/or project specific advice, please contact us.

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