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      Explore our wide range of products and systems -- from curtain walls and sliders to window and door framings and accessories -- and find the products that suits your or your buildings needs.


      New Products - Alcoa Harderwijk

      New Products

      Kawneer is a worldwide leader in the aluminium industry, and the unprecedented possibilities this material has to offer. By having its own Research & Development department, Kawneer can respond rapidly to each project-related question from the field. New and innovative solutions are developed on a regular basis.

      Windows and Doors - F Side

      Windows and Doors

      Windows and doors define the appearance of a building. Therefore, Kawneer offers a complete range of aluminium window and aluminium door frames. All RAL colors and various surface treatments and applications are possible; a solution can be provided for every desire and requirement. Throughout its many years of expertise, Kawneer is able to present an unprecedented and multifaceted aluminium window and aluminium door system. Regardless of whether a window must be burglary proof, fire resistant, sound proof or thermally insulated, Kawneer has the solution.

      Sliding Doors and Windows


      Maximum insulation, fine designs and ease of operation are important criteria to which the aluminium sliding windows and aluminium sliding doors of Kawneer adhere. In addition to being sufficiently both strong and thin, the frames must often be burglary proof, fire resistant, sound proof and thermally insulated. All of our aluminium sliding systems have been thoroughly tested for these criteria, without losing their optimal ease of operation. The Kawneer systems show that these different functions are possible within one system.

      Kunstlinie - Almere


      Our glass facades are also multilateral.  Without sacrificing esthetic or usage features, there are many possibilities within one curtain wall system:  structural, picture frame, either combined or not combined with the open parts. Naturally, extensive testing puts Kawneers at the leading edge of high-quality performance for fire resistance, strength and sound insulation.

      The Edge - Amsterdam


      Special products with the aluminium profiles of Kawneer.

      A-line griff handles


      The aluminium windows, doors, sliding windows, sliding doors and folding systems of Kawneer come standard with attractive and high-quality hinges and locks that can be operated from either the inside or the outside. Hinges and locks are available in any color. In addition, we also have hinges and locks for those applications where color is less of an issue; the hidden “l-Line” hardware. By applying the hinges and locks of Kawneer, the facade, if so desired, can be supplied in a anti-burglar version (NEN 5096 regarding Police Hallmark VeiligWonen®). Kawneer also offers several possibilities for electrically operated systems.

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