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AA 4110 Aluminum Sliding Windows and Aluminum Sliding Doors

The AA 4110 system of Kawneer offers top quality materials on all fronts concerning aluminium sliding windows, sliding doors and tilt and slide doors. Because of the wind and watertightness, burglary and noise resistance, you should not have to settle for less than what the AA 4110 has to offer.

AA 3110 Sliders

System AA 3110 of Kawneer offers many possibilities for designing high-quality sliding windows, sliding doors and tilt and slide doors of insulated aluminium. Maximum insulation, beautiful designs and ease of operation are important criteria to which the aluminium sliding windows and doors adhere.

AA 3110 3-rail

The aluminium AA 3110 sliding window and door system of Kawneer has recently been expanded to include the AA 3110 3-rail. By means of this new 3-rail sliding door, an even larger passageway can be created from the inside to the outside. This occurs because, with this design, the three parts can slide independently.

Folding wall

Maximum operating freedom with the folding system from Kawneer. By installing new hardware on our existing high-quality RT 52, RT 62 and RT 72 aluminium window and door systems, it is possible to fold the open parts to one or two sides.

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