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For us, sustainability is more than just a question of image. For us, sustainability is an integral part of our business activities. Think among other waste reduction, creating a safe and healthy work environment and showing community involvement.


There will find regular place in the field of knowledge to design and produce with colleagues from other offices worldwide. Aluminium is a valuable material that is very easy to recycle, without loss of strength and favorable properties. Our objective is to design as include minimizing. Material consumption smart, intelligent and sustainable.


The choice of aluminum products from Arconic to be applied is, inter alia, due to the environmentally friendly properties of aluminum. The material is virtually unlimited recyclable, non-toxic, very low maintenance, and thus extremely durable. Our AR90 and AR100 program allows you to make use of recycled aluminum. Maximum use Thus, it can be efficient, intelligent and sustainable built, which fits perfectly with the "Cradle to Cradle" ideology. 


To optimize the durability of our products in continuous processes, we work with companies and research and are involved in various (social) projects.
• DGBC participant
• Passive
• Sustainable Built partner
• TU Delft
• Alcoa Foundation
• NEN-Committees

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