See our products in action...

Our products have been used to achieve a wide-range of designs from dramatic to functional.

Shanghai Securities Exchange

Commercial Projects:

Design and functionality come together in commercial projects that employ our wide-range of products.

Lycée du Grésivaudan, Meylan, France

Education Projects:

Schools and universities are increasingly using aluminium to create a pleasant place to learn with a modern look.  

Radisson SAS Hotel, Glasgow, UK

Leisure Projects:

Our systems have been used in the construction of some of the world's finest hotels.

Woodhouse Mill, Todmorden, UK

Residential Projects:

Individual and multiple-occupancy residential projects can benefit from our high-performing, clean designs.

McDonald’s, Lille, France

Retail Projects:

Helping building owners and architects realize the grandest visions in retail design.

Kohl Center, Wisconsin, USA

Sports Facilities Projects:

Our products are like great athletes - rigorously tested to meet high performance standards.

Industrial Museum, Lohne, Germany

Other Projects:

Not limited in their applications, our products have made their way into buildings that defy categorization.

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