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Metallbau Kees

Oberscheidweiler, Germany

Products Used:
AA 2010 Solar System

Metal Distributor:Kees GmbH & Co. KG


  • Alcoa Series: AA 2010 Photovoltaic Module
  • Type: KC 167 GH 2
  • Output: max. 167 wp
  • Number: 10 KC 5.4i inverters
  • Orientation: 10° south east
  • Azimuth:   32°


The photovoltaic system with a total output of 60.12 kW hours was mounted with 32° angle of elevation on two factory roofs, at Messrs. Metallbau Kees.


A specially developed design, in aluminium, enabled a maximum span of 5000 mm to be achieved.


Of particular interest in this design is that the arrays are mounted on a projecting roof parapet and hover above the flat roof.  This means that the surface of the flat roof is easily accessible for maintenance and repair, without the need to dismantle the photovoltaic arrays.


The Alcoa AA 2010 Solar system with exclusive Kyocera products was used in this case.


The technical advantages of the Alcoa photovoltaic systems:

  1. Matched solar modules and inverters from a single source ensure cost-effective systems.
  2. The performance of the solar modules is measured before they leave the factory, there is a high degree of module efficiency, excellent use of space available and large solar modules for minimum installation costs.
  3. Industry-standard modular inverters, simple to service, separate MPP tracking or Master/Slave operation of the solar module array are selectable, low weight, extremely simple connection, attractive design for use in residential environments.

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