• Police Headquarters
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  • Police Headquarters Detail
  • Profile Window Series AA 630 HW Heat Insulated
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Police Headquarters

Krefeld, Germany

Products Used:
AA 630 HW Heat Insulated Window

Bau- und Liegenschaftsbetrieb NRW Krefeld


Metal Distributor:
SYBAC Fassaden + Metallbau


Project Year: 2003


The Krefeld police headquarters, a seven-storey building renovated in 2003, is located in the heart of Krefeld. The highly heat-insulated integral design of the AA 630 HW window series was used, in which the casements have an external, sloping contour with an elevation width of just 7 mm.


The shell of the building was redesigned, at the main fronts with diagonal highlights over the total height of the building, by using various materials that meet each other diagonally – ceramic tiles and aluminium shaft.

Police Headquarters (DE) [308]

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