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A person charged of studies and specifications

Lézat sur Lèze (09), France

Full-time open-ended contract (CDI) based in Lézat-sur-Lèze, France

You have the responsibility, for a customer portfolio, to manage and analyse the requests for specification of building companies, carpenters, glaziers, specialised traders, etc.
The building environment is familiar for you, you have knowledge of the lawful environment in particular in the matter of carpentry. You can read plans and cross sections and carry out measurements on a specification software. You have a good mastery of the office IT tools. Organised and rigorous, you have commercial spirit and aspire to work in a dynamic environment.

Your missions :

  • You propose technical solutions to our customers and prospective customers by making price studies (standard and no standard products, building sites) as part of procedures and methods in place in the service and respecting the production requirements. 
  • You maintain the trade with our customers and prospective customers: follow-up of price studies, businesses and orders, after-sales service, information on technical innovations (sending of documentation, new sections of frame…)
  • You technically assist customers by telephone (difficulties on a building site, incomprehension of documentation…)

Profile :
  • Knowledge in product, carpentry
  • Knowledge in building environment 
  • Materials strength calculation 
  • Prices and margins calculation
  • Reading of plans, sections
  • Preparation, specification software
  • Office IT tools: Outlook, Word, Excel, Internet
  • Ease on the phone
  • Negotiation
  • Aptitude in customer relations: follow-up, regular contacts, information, deadline negotiation… 
  • Sense of customer
  • Organisation, rigour
Send applications to :
  • by mail :
ZI, rue de la Garenne 
34748 Vendargues Cedex

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