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About Kawneer France



Kawneer Overview
Background on Kawneer, its products and services and information about its parent company, Alcoa - the world's leading aluminum company.

KAWNEER, shaping the future.

KAWNEER, an Alcoa subsidiary, is the creator of the aluminum curtain wall and shopfronts.

In France, Kawneer presents to all the different fields in the building industry a competitive and consistent offer of aluminum architectural systems: curtain wall, windows, sliding windows, doors and railings. In addition, Kawneer provides services that will help you manage all kinds of building projects. May you be an aluminum professional, architect, specifier or project manager, you will benefit from KAWNEER's synergy of an international group.

Choosing KAWNEER, is making the choice of a modern, competitive and top performing product and service offer.


Technical Support:
KAWNEER helps you choose the best technical options and estimation of your project's cost. Then, our technical department will support you during the realization of the technical file.


Commercial brochures:
In order to present you with our technical and marketing advantages of our product line, Kawneer has produced a series of brochures, which are available upon request.

Specifier Catalogue:
This catalogue is a working and decision making tool specially intended for architects and project managers. It contains technical drawings, performances (mechanical, acoustics, dimensions ...) as well as technical specifications - helping you choosing the best solution for your project.

Specifier CD:
This new tool, intended for architects and project managers, contains the technical information of the specifier catalogue. It is a real working tool and offers the possibility to download drawings in DWG format.

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