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      • Window: Concealed Vent AA 765 KASSIOPEE
      • UPI, Lyon; Project Manager: Mr. Seifert
      • Window: Concealed Vent AA 765 KASSIOPEE
      • Window: Concealed Vent AA 765 KASSIOPEE
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      Window: Concealed Vent AA 765 KASSIOPEE

      This new generation of aluminium windows and French windows is aimed at all sectors – individual and shared dwellings and non-residential buildings, suitable both for new-builds and renovations.

      • A wide variety of applications
      • Industrial manufacture
      • Optimisation of cost
      • Attention to design

      Product Features

      The main characteristics are the speed of production and a capacity to adapt to all the configurations of PVC or aluminium industrial manufacture workshops. All components have been studied very intently to optimise time and production cost: pre-fitted sections, moulded parts for rapid insertion of glass, sections marketed under the NF brand, the possibility of PVC or aluminium interior wood type hinges, multi-station machining matrix so that the desired production rhythms can be followed.


      Aesthetics have not been static either: the AA 765 KASSIOPEE window can be operated with a bracketed handle or embedded lock, with or without a central handle.
      Innovative character
      The AA 765 KASSIOPEE window has some remarkable production characteristics. This allows OF 2s to be realized in less than 1h15

      and that all types of production workshops can be catered for. Everything has been taken into consideration to ensure that production workshops can be quickly certified as NF.
      - The new AA765 KASSIOPEE window is perfectly attuned to current expectations in terms of production;
      - Compliance with 2005 thermal regulations;
      - Fully meets demands in terms of use on site (100, 120, 140 and 160 mm blocks) and 70 mm frames for installation into mono-walls;
      - Response in terms of aesthetics: the amount of aluminium seen is reduced to 77 mm for the frame, with a centerd handle.

      Attention to aesthetics
      The AA 765 KASSIOPEE window is a remarkable response to current architectural trends in the bay market.


      In its 2-leaf version casement window, the amount of aluminium seen is reduced, thanks to a frame height of 77 mm and a 74 mm

      central hinge.
      To meet the requirements of both project owners and project managers, the AA 765 KASSIOPEE window can be fitted with bracket or embedded handles.

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