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Technical Expertise

Our technical expertise is on hand to help you.

Because of our highly developed computer tools and methods, our engineers can provide the day to day technical support you need for all your design and standard or custom manufacturing requirements.


Your technical catalogues
Booklets and plans allow your design department to choose the technical solution best suited to the project. To make it easier for the user, the documentation includes:

  • all components,
  • drawings,
  • principle cross-sections and usage information for each system.


Your manufacturing manuals.
With regard to manufacturing, we have emphasised simplicity. Data for start-up, manufacturing and assembly is detailed through summary tables and 3D technical cross-sectionals...


Your Specifications catalogue
Your Specifications Binder and/or CD Rom is a highly effective decision-making tool. It contains detailed and specific data on the entire range of applications of KAWNEER aluminium systems:

  • technical descriptions,
  • 3D sections,
  • performance tables,
  • construction site datasheets,
  • rules and instructions for use.


To help you quantify your designs
Specially developed for KAWNEER, the KALUCAD II application is state-of-the-art technology. Developed to meet the specific needs of façade specialists, industrial joinery workers and general contractors, it permits extremely quick progress from sketch to final concept design, including specifications and all fabrication documentation necessary. Our specialists will provide the necessary guidance to help you make use of it, as well as dedicated telephone assistance. With KALUCAD II, you will never be on your own.


To help you with design
In order to help you create successful architectural projects, KAWNEER offers its extensive experience in façade work. A dedicated team of engineers can provide technical and design solutions specifically devised for the most ambitious projects. Powerful computing tools allow for conceiving and visualising proposed systems from every angle. KALUMEN is a special application that allows for calculation of the best solar shade solutions taking into account construction objectives, as well as constraints related to climate, thermal conditions and building characteristics.


For your special designs.
Depending on the scale and location of projects, KAWNEER offers specifiers the technical experience and knowledge of its European and American engineering offices.  By taking into account the architectural, technical and economic requirements that you define, they will ensure you find the best and most reliable solution for any type of project.


Computing solutions at your disposal.
To help you select the appropriate technical solution, KAWNEER offers simple and effective computing solutions.

  • Kalinertie: allows you to define the design best suited to the project's technical constraints.
  • Kalutherm: allows you to instantly calculate thermal performance of specified millwork based on the class and type of glazing used.
  • Kaluvision: allows you to instantly conceptualise, visualise and begin fabrication of all veranda projects.
  • Kawneer OnLine: our private, secure technical internet site gives you immediate access to our technical catalogues, production manuals, DXF files of KAWNEER sections and accessories, and price documentation.


For your urgent technical needs.
What if you are missing technical information, or need to respond to a complicated situation, or maybe a special item needs to be fabricated? Perhaps you need information on regulations, or new products? Our technical team will quickly provide the appropriate answer.


Our testing facility is available to you.
Depending on the recommended technical requirements for certain projects, you can use our testing facility. CEBTP-approved, it allows you to measure air-water-wind performance of your products.

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